Saturday, February 12, 2011

A quiet Saturday

Today is a quiet day for me and my family. We do nothing much because lil L is not feeling too well. Suspect that he is teething again. We have a late lunch, therefore we are going to have a late dinner too. We are still waiting for our delivery to arrive. Guess what we are having?......Papa John (hmm...yummy but yet sinful, especially as this hour). We decided to dine in because tonight is dh hobby's night. Man Utd v Man City. Anyone here are fans of Man Utd? Nah....not me!

Since, the night is still early...I decided to post some of my 365 for sharing.

Work + Fun
day 108: A + S + Enter = Work
Soccer fever
day 109: Yeay...cheering for Man Utd 1-0
Like my PJ's?
day 110: I am 1 yr + 1.5 month old.
My delivery just arrived and gotta grab my dinner now. Hope you all having a great time and thanks for dropping by and I appreciate all the sweet comments.

psst: my dh is feeling down now because the score has just turn 1-1 (lol)



  1. Hhhhmmm never a fan of See i'm so girly, the only sports i do is Jazzercise! Hehehe. It's nice to dine in right...Having ur food in front of the telly!! lol. Anyway i just love ur photo's, U know perhaps u shud scrap ur 365days!...:))

  2. Lovely 365 photos, have a great weekend!

  3. chilling at home on a sat evening is the best!

  4. I did the same cause dh is a huge Man U fan! I love chilling at home cause it gives me time to scrap *lol*! I love your photos Jaime...they have the grainy, filmy effect... plus..they look awesomely vintage! :)

  5. Your LOVELY junior is Growing so well =) thanks for dropping by; i've yet to Move... yikes!! Taking so long ... hopefully next month end =) Hope u are well !!

  6. Your boy is such a cutie!! Love the photos & Papa John is very yummo!!