Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Saturday filled with full of joy & excitement!

Hi peeps,
It was a very special day to me and I decided to post before I head off to my dinner!
I did not post anything last night because I was having so much fun with my new stuff! You will get to understand when you see the pictures below.

As said, I have something to share and to give. Yes, I remember and here is the surprise! As I am showing the surprises to you, I am also adding it to my project 365. Trying to kill 2 birds with 1

day 115: A Surprise gift I received this morning...
I just gave myself a birthday treat! Voila!!
day 116: A special treat for myself at Papier, The Curve for my Bday treat!!
Yes, hurray! Today was "moi" birthday. I am happy that it is indeed my Bday but I'm not too excited about it because I know I'm adding another year to my age *sigh*. Anyhoo, I still would love to share with my fellow friends and scrappers out there. I hope you gals share with me when it comes to your special day k!
Lucas & his friends
day 117: Mummy was having fun shopping and lil L
was having fun in the Jurassic car with his little friends behind :)
day 118: His 'cheeky' look of today on my very special day.
Here is the surprise of my gift! Ta-dah.........
day 119: My birthday gift from hubby.
Now my Charm Bracelet addition is getting more.
I hope you gals understand what it *so obvious*
Prima flowers!? Lol...
day 120: This was taken last night with iPhone and some bad lighting (lol)
I made this last night, while watching American Idol.
I know the photo don't looks yummy at all....let see what I have for you today...

day 121: Handmade flowers by Moi. (non-edited version)
I just crop it! Lighting & Exposure are all perfect!! Cheh...sound prefossional..hehe
After looking at the pictures and you must be getting impatient what is the giveaway! The giveaway is............... the above "handmade flowers" I made. I am willing to hand them over to my fellow friends and scrappers out there to owns it. Unfortunately, only 1 lucky owner will be able to have it :) Leave me a comment after this post and I will draw a lucky person to have this lovely blooms. You can use it to make card, hair accessories, on your layout or anything you can think of.

I know, some of you may feel...I am such a farnee girl that do giveaway on my bday. I find giving something away on my special day is something 'unique'. I always believe these words "give and take". Here are more flowers picture for you to enjoy...

day 122: Love this!
OK, I am running soooo late, and I have to end here. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend with their love one's and their families.

I will only start drawing the lucky person in a week time.
Thanks for dropping by and thank you so much for leaving me your sweet comments and well wishes.


  1. Happy birthday, Jaime! Enjoy your day! Can totally and fully understand the charms-collection thing - heehee! Giveaway or not, here's wishing more wonderful years ahead for you and your family!

  2. Nice... Really yummy blooms! Look like they outdo the Primas..! O Happy Birthday to you...hope to do the same on my birthday.. Splurge on Scrapbooking supplies! Why not..

  3. Happy Birthday Jamie!!!! Wowwww..i really love those blooms!!! So pretty!! Oohhh wow, charm bracelet is my fav too!! Have fun tonite..:)))

  4. First of all, a very happy birthday Jamie!!

    Your blooms are just lovely. Can you make a tutorial?? Thank u for giving them out!!! YEAY!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Jamie, these sure are happy stuff! Enjoy your special day!
    And thanks for your sweet comment, my clare is now 18!