Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My 365

I am kind of slack with my daily pictures this day...my Nikon is too bulky to bring around everywhere. Love today invention of iPhone and Intagram too. Hope you enjoy the pictures...

day 98: Before heading to his cot, he must jump on my bed and get himself tired before snoozing off.

Happy Bday ShiNing!
day 99: Shi Ning is just 19 days younger than Lucas. She is such adorable girl.

Don't you just love the label!?
day 100: Who doesn't love this!??

He loves it!!
day 101: Someone get his new toy from Grand Aunty L.

My future home!
day 102: Visited S.E.P. and soon I will be moving here. Erm...I wonder how is the traffic?
That's all folks. I will try to take more pictures and share to you. Mean time, have a good holiday on Federal Territory Day. I bet some of you have planned ahead and took a week off till Monday.
Will be back with more CNY pictures, and more scrappin' in Scrappin Studio Blog.


  1. Even though u slack, you still take pictures. I'm just bad. No time to even shoot one. Your kids are so cute. happy CNY

  2. The pics are nice Jaime! love the filmy effect! :) Happy CNY!

  3. Hey, u still take your time to take picture which is good. No worries about the ATCs, each individual and artist are different. They have their own imagination and creativity. Can't wait to have yours! Happy CNY!