Monday, March 30, 2009

Some of my favourite shots. . .

I have learned something new from April & Tina. Thank you for the tutorial and self guide. You guys are the best.

Do you like vintage stuff? I saw this metal drainer when I was walking around in Bangkok side street market. Love it! I did not manage to get it but managed to snap a shot of it. Hope you like the new effect that I have just self-taught myself.

Last weekend was a busy & lazy day. On Sat evening, things go pretty well at my parents' house party. The party turned out to be fun and so does the earth hour. We are pleased that we managed turn off all the lights and we still continued on with a romantic candle light that lasted us an hour.

Here are some fashions I {heart}. You can get load of it in "Platinum" mall. Love the malls in Bangkok. Would love to visit Bangkok again!!

Thanks for viewing.

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