Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kayla K @ '1-yr-old'

As promise that I will post my latest scrap. It takes me 2 days to arrange this layout. To be honest that I have a slight difficulty in doing this layout because I have not been doing my scrap ever since after my wedding...hee hee.
However, I make it through because scrapping is 'all about creativity'. Well, I really got stuck after printing all the photos out. Maybe I was just being too greedy that I want to use all the 'cute' pictures about Kayla. You have to agree with me that I must use it all

I enjoy so much doing this piece because it gave me the 'energy' that I want to do more. The past few days I have been trying to dig more of my older photos. So that I can start scrapping back my past. I hope you all enjoy on this piece. Does lil Kayla looks so cute & adorable!?

Btw, the pictures taken when she was 7.5 months and beside her is her daddy. If times permit I would like continue on...but I gotta rush. Thanks for dropping by.

Have a nice day and thank god tomorrow is Friday! Yay!!

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