Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Off to Bangkok...

I kind of miss my computer and the internet already...lol...eewww so sound like a cyber girl!! But I am sure it will be fabulous to escape KL for a while. I haven't been to Bangkok but people has already been feeding me with information that is very hot & stuffy there, and very crowded city. Oohhh, the attraction in Bangkok beside getting very cheap & neat stuff. The foods there are fantastic!! I like Thai cuisine because it has a nice flavor, spicy and sweet & sour. I hope I will get some nice shots with my SLR. Good time to practice too...:p

I will miss my scrapping and of course my March kits parcel. I hope mr. postman will not run away with it because I know it will be arriving any time from tomorrow and I hope my brother will pick it up for me.

Below was my scrapping place. It is pretty untidy when I am at work. Next week will show you the make over :)

Good night*ZzzZzzzz

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