Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday a day to CHILL. I am now listening to my favorite song 'I'm Yours', Jason Mraz and doing my scrap. It is such a beautiful Sunday to have a nice breakfast and a nice cup of coffee. Hmmm...loving it!!

Confession... when I am still young, I used to dislike Sunday because I know the very next day I gotta wake up early to school. But I guess when I grow older, many things have changed even my own perception. Perhaps I have grown older now.

I will not take so much of my time to hog on my computer. I have with me my cute & adorable 'Snowy'. Excuse me, is a HE. He has been with me for almost 12 years. I am so glad that Snowy is still so energetic and smart & playful. I love him so much!! He is my boy!

Hope you enjoy this...

Have a great Sunday. Cheers!!


  1. He is so cute !!!

    Ooh ... I love Sunday, the day which I allow myself to be lazy :p

  2. awww... he's so cute. wish i can hug him. nice scrapwork too ^^ seems like you're having fun with circles. Hehehe.

  3. my daughter LOVES jason mraz. i hear that song often :) hope you have a good time in bangkok. i can only imagine!