Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Today is just another ordinary day for me. I woke up in the morning, do my normal routine and get changed. Just on my way out I'll use my dh 'Starbuck' coffee cup and make myself a take-away Nespresso. Without my first cup of coffee, I won't call my day a perfect day. First stop to work is not back to office, it was at client's site. Well, as usual spending 2 hours session with my client on site. It is a usual thing for me, don't be surprise, finally I get to sit in my office after the 2 hour session and guess what? I realize it was time for lunch...(lol).

Today lunch was "Japanese set lunch". I have been graving for a week on jap food. Well, we have ordered 3 sets of lunch box to share among. We ordered a set of Unagi with rice, Tempura with sashimi and soba soup with sushi. It was all yummy and good, satisfying!

Another few hour of work, then I realize it was about 6pm. Well, it is time to go off work. When I reached home, I head straight to get myself a nice & hot shower. After shower, I feel refresh and thought of doing some scrapping. I realize I forgot to do something. I forgotten to check whether my Feb Kits has arrived from Studio Calico. I made a call to my mom and check with her. Well, there is no hope at all. My mom told me "No parcel for you today". Well, it was already not a happy day for me and yet I still haven't receive my parcel yet. Later that evening, just trying to concentrate to do some scrapping but no chance of it. Feeling tired too!

Hope tomorrow morning when I wake up it will be a brand new day for me. Before I log off, would like to share with you another project of mine. Well, not so much of the design but more like the environment of Setia Eco Park.


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