Tuesday, March 24, 2009

dh on his way home

I was back on Sat, 21st from Bangkok and the very next day dh have to fly to Ho Chin Minh for some conference meeting with some clients from Kuching, Sarawak. It was kind of quiet to be alone at home, but I can get use to it. I have more time for myself to serve online and watch my fav TV program.

Today, he will be home. He just sent me a message that he got me some Vietnamese coffee & famous Vietnamese baguette too. Oooo...can't wait till hubby arrive home.

Oh, I really would love to share with you my Bangkok trip. I promise! I will upload the pictures these two days and get it edited. Hopefully you can get to view it by end of this week. It was an awesome and fast trip. It is a real tiring trip because me and sis M just wouldn't allow ourselves to rest too much. We walk, shop, enjoying the local delicacy and taking pictures (not too exciting pictures but there is something to share). Very fun experience indeed.

Just would love to share with you some pictures taken from my phone :). I know it is not that fantastic shots but me & sis M are amazed with the coffee. We never thought of getting such a good coffee in a market like this. The market below is named "chatujak" or "jatujak" market. It is a super huge land for a "market". You can never guess how big is this land...I was told the land size is 16 acres. I was shocked when I hear 16 acres...OMG!!. When I look at the map, it actually covering 3 MRT stations...LOL. Cool huh... In 1-day, you can never finish this market :p

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  1. Seems you & your sis have so much fun in Bangkok.