Friday, December 10, 2010

Project 365: Day 65 - Day 70

I can't believe its already Friday. 
Last night, Amazing Race Asia final episode was kind of disappointment. Me and dh wait up till mid-night for the repeat and it was dissatisfy. However, I still happy for the team that won the big prize but I was hoping the Indonesian or the Singaporean teams to win first place (lol).

I have something to share but before that I would like to post up my 365 first =)

day 65: Credit for Wendy who helping out a lot in my sis M wedding.
A nicely done 'ang pow' collection box from W & M.
day 66: mum with her stunning look! 
day 67: Tailored made dress - loving the ruching & the flower crystals
day 68: TAFETTA kits for my next project!
day 69: Lucas is showing off his lil talent and his cheeky look!
day 70: Sweater from Aunty A, brought all the way from Australia. Thank you!
I will be back through on the next post.
Happy Friday!!

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