Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wedding Card

Finally I get to upload my card. Sorry, to keep you guys waiting. Things have been really busy for me for the past few days. I hope after 5th Dec, the excitement will start to subside and my routine can go back to normal pace. Let's not mingle around too much with is the final card I made for my sis and her newly wed hubby. Here goes...

As you can see I tried to put in her theme color which is the Orange ribbon.
Love the glitter leaves from K&Co which I found from my previous stash of wedding album kits.

This card I mainly play a lot with layering. I wanted to create more 3-dimensional for this wedding card. It can look pretty plain if everything lay flats. By giving myself such pretty short time to make this card, I am very pleased with the outcome. I hope sis M & her hubby will like this card and also the thoughtful gift that me & my brother got for them! Hope you guys will make use of the gift for your lovely new home.



  1. Gorgeous wedding card, lots of lovely details and elements!

  2. Gorgeous cards.. love the leaves.. beautiful :)

  3. lovely wedding cards! :) pretty colour combo and sum very interesting details you have there! ;)