Saturday, December 18, 2010

Missing so many things...

Last 2 days, I have been staying up late to complete my new website. It is not fun at all when you say you want to create your own website. So many things I have to self learn and don't ask why if you see me with two panda eye (lol).

Countdown to another 30 hours and I am having my road trip to Singapore with hubby and Lucas (of course). Main objective is to bring Lucas to Jurong Birdpark & the Zoo! and 2nd objectives, mummy's want to do some shopping and go visiting the LSS. Ooh...I can't wait till to visit WML store. Heard its always jam pack with students and people. I guess our Creative Amelia Khalik is having her fun there now.

Tonight, I told myself I have to give myself at least an visit other blogs and post something up. Well, I am so busy until I do not have my 365 pictures (so slack). I will take more pictures during my trip and try to post up via iPad/iPhone. Hey, wait a minute....I think I have one picture for you.

Day 74
day 74: Trying out my Instagram and it was fun picture! This few days climate is moody and wet.
Took this shot at my house area, admiring the beautiful trees but the condo behind spoil the mood (lol).
Have a good weekend and last week to shop for X'mas pressie!!
Good night!


  1. wowee.. cant wait to visit your new website.. going to Singapore for hols.. have fun..
    n you guys are visiting the lss there.. green with envy here lol..

    Have fun, be safe and happy shopping!

  2. Agree ..the condo at the back...can we erase them in Adobe?LOL, Anyway looks like a few of us heading to neighbour -Singapore this, probably bump into you at the LSS. Have a nice trip!!