Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A lazy holiday...

hi hi
today was a public holiday fall in malaysia.
it was awal muharram (isalamic new year). 
for those of you are worshiping islamic, i wish you all have a great day with families and friends.
for those of you are just laid-back like me, please do enjoy this holiday with catching up with friends or do as much cropping as possible :)

for me...
i manage to cook brunch for my cousin sister and her dh that flew in from sydney last week to celebrate my sis wedding. we have a wonderful catching up and we eventually made some planning for christmas eve party! a week from now, i will be taking a break with hubby to singapore. can't wait till to have some break for myself and for dh too. well, he needed the holiday more than me thou...hehe. i need it too coz i just love holiday!!

my project 365: day 64

alright peeps...
need to do come catching up with my family too.
can't be all the time hogging on the computer...



  1. Hope u had a good day today, hey guess what? i'll be going to s'pore too!!! hehehe. One of the itinerary is to visit the local lss!!..lol..:))

  2. wow dear.. this some photography technique.. love it.. kinda funky :D