Sunday, December 12, 2010

Project 365: Day 71

I hope everyone are having their best time with their friends and families this weekend. I have a good one too and today was my brother K birthday too. Having some feast at home and BR ice-cream. I just want to post a short one coz I still have a sketch to finish for tonight.

I want to put this as my 365...I hope you guys enjoy it!

day 71: As promise to some Designer's I will take some shots of this
lovely hand-made tags that I learned from the Crop Market.
I cannot resist it, I added 2 extra in the collection itself.
 I am planning to give-away as X'mas Tags to my fellow Aunties
during our Christmas Eve gathering. Loving every piece of it!!
Let's have some FUN! Please leave a comment of which one you think is the prettiest and I will do a by December 18, 2010 [midnight] and WINNER will receive a personalize hand-made TAG made by 'moi'. Please leave your email address after your message. 
Everyone are welcome to join in the fun.


  1. hiya... it was a fun crop market,wasnt it :)

    I love the extra two tags. I think, the second row extra (next to Jessy design) is the prettiest..


  2. Great that you enjoyed yourself at the crop market & look at your tags, they are beautifully done! I can spy with my lil eyes that you are combining the techniques that u learnt and applied them on urs. Great job!!