Thursday, December 23, 2010

I am back from my trip...

This trip was exhausting! but it was a fun and productive trip. It was tired to travel with my boy but it was fun having him there. He enjoy himself especially we take him to places like Orchard. He just loves looking at people (lol) The lights along Orchard was a WOW to many of us. It was beautiful, and alway do without disappointment. We manage to bring Lucas to Jurong Bird park too. It was all fun and tired.

Why I say productive trip. In this trip especially with Lucas around, mummy manage to shop for her shoes, clothes and best thing of all. I manage to stop over at MWL and you know what, I have a long session with Sandra the founder of MWL. What a wonderful day, but just too bad I can't squeeze thru my time to make a slot for myself in her workshop...just too bad :(

Just two more days and its Christmas! I have to start wrap, wrap, wrapping all the pressie...Before I am off to continue with my errands. Would like to share with you my 365 photos.

day 75: Lucas found his fav toy!
day 76: Yo!
day 77: Orchard Rd, with all the big branding!!
day 78: Wherelse can that be? It's Singapore!
day 79: Merry X'mas!! All the from Marina Bay Sand. Beautiful place...Must go.

day 80: When we are having our Chill-Out Time!
day 81: Dinner time at Moza Pizzeria. Fantastic resto and awesome pizza they have there!!
Spotted me and dh right at the corner in the mirror? LOL
I do have more from my DSLR but I haven't got the time to upload and get it edited on time to post. Will share more of my pictures perhap after Christmas. Photos above are taken by iPhone via Instagram.

Have a fun week and I hope everyone are looking forward on this Season Greetings. Enjoy every bit with you family. Cheers~


  1. Orchard is really cool this time of the year.. your boy looks like he is having plenty of fun :D

    Blessed Christmas.. catch up soon :)

  2. glad you enjoyed your trip and fun ha!

  3. Woot..woot!!! Welcome back!! Waahhhh mommy can shop, that's great news. I bet u bought heaps too. Glad u had a good vacay. Merry Christmas to u..:))

  4. Oh welcome back!! Glad that you enjoyed your trip and that app is wicked!

  5. Hi! Merry Christmas to U & family. Yup, the lights ard Orchard is a wow. Take care dear.

  6. lucky u!!! everytime hubby n i plan singapore we end sumwhere else instead lol...hoping to take aneeka next yr at least to c the lights n all! good to hear ur trip was fun n u managed to SHOP!! hehe Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to you and all at home dear! ;)